Kevin Trudeau’s Twice Daily Intensive

Supplement Routine Is Finally Available Again …

For Now

It took years of legal wrangling to get this supplement back in your hands, don’t miss this opportunity to maximize your health through proper supplementation.

The Only Reason We’ve Been Allowed To Share These 42 Proprietary Formulas With You Is Your Past Experience With Kevin’s Products And Methodology.

 From the desk of Dr. Tom Morter, Rogers, AR – March 2016

When it came to his health, Kevin Trudeau was not only a perfectionist but a purist. He only put the highest quality supplements in his body to fuel his system. He was painstakingly specific; he spent thousands of dollars a month getting it right. But, he wasn’t satisfied that he got it right for himself, he wanted it to be right for you too.

I remember the question like it was yesterday.

 KT on his jet with Dr. Morter:

“Dr. Morter, what if we could put together a Daily Supplement regime based on your years of research and my rigorous personal supplementation program?”

Dr. Morter agreed that would be life changing for many people.

He turned from Dr. Morter, looked directly at me and then at Dr Ted and just smiled with….Well, that look!

You know what I mean. If you’ve seen Kevin you’ve seen it before, of that I’m sure.

That day, Kevin Trudeau and the Morters put together a plan and began hand selecting an advisory committee; a super-team made up of the very best supplement specialists, doctors and healers we could find, to figure out how to cost effectively bring this rigorous but highly beneficial supplementation protocol directly to you, in your home, to keep you supercharged like Kevin.

This formulation had to be done in secret because so many were (and still are) trying to “hack” the formula we developed.

 Everyone wanted a piece of Kevin and barring that, they wanted to copy everything he did.

What you probably don’t know is that Kevin spent thousands of dollars a month on a personal supplementation routine that was carefully monitored by his multi-specialist health team. He’s a strong believer in whole food, alkalinity, and natural supplementation in the RIGHT amounts at the RIGHT time.

Kevin wasn’t satisfied that only he had access to this knowledge and supplementation. Both he and Dr. Morter truly believed you should too.

Now bear in mind, Kevin was closely monitored and took dozens of supplements in perfect timing and combination, at the perfect dosage…for him.

If you tried to do what Kevin accomplished or tried to recreate what we developed you’d spend much of your day researching, testing, and archiving your results. Not to mention, you’d be going to the health food store, buying dozens of supplements and testing dosages against delivery against timing against brand to determine efficacy. It would be all-consuming, that’s why he paid a team to do it for him.

What Kevin wanted and what we ultimately achieved was a product that produces similar results, is easy to take, and is within the budget of nearly everyone.

It took us over a year of continuous rigorous research, examination, experimentation, and testing to find the right whole food raw materials that we could combine into an effective protocol that would work. Then, we had to find a lab that was willing to encapsulate and package the protocol containing 42 unique formulas and over 300 capsules for delivery that would be easy, effective, and consistent.

But finally, we did it!

Here’s Where Most People Go Wrong With Supplementation –

Pay Attention To This 

 Now here’s where most people go wrong with supplements.

    1. They don’t have access to or can’t afford high quality supplements or they don’t know the difference between weak, ineffective substances and wholefood based, naturally powerful substances.
    2. They don’t take them long enough for their body to begin the healing and re-vitalization process. It’s that simple.
    3. They take them in the wrong dosages or combinations and don’t maximize or worse destroy the effectiveness of the supplements.
    4. They get bored. It is time consuming and boring to separate dozens of bottles of supplements into the right doses and then take them multiple times a day. And, since I believe your are focused on your health and have taken a lot of supplements (including these) in the past, I want you to understand…I get it. I understand your struggle and concerns.

More on that in a minute.

 Please let me explain why this is so vital to your longevity and most important, how you feel every day. By utilizing our unique and never-copied formulas (but boy how they try to knock this formula off), morning and evening, we provide you with the nutrition you need from the inside out. It impacts everything from your vital internal organs, to your skin, nails and hair, it’s complex and complete.

KT Daily contains 42 unique formulas and more than 300 different capsules, delivered in perfect rotation, it’s not the same supplements morning and night but IT IS the right supplements at the right time in the monthly rotation to maximize your health.

Click here to download the KT Daily Supplement Fact Sheet One

Click here to download the KT Daily Supplement Fact Sheet Two

 KT Daily gives you all the vital nutrients that we discovered deliver optimal health, not just for Kevin.. but for you too in the precise order, rotation and dosage.

Here’s How The Rotation Works

To maximize the benefit of the regime we’ve broken those each of those 42 Formulas and 300 different capsules containing different ingredients into daily morning and evening packs. You get the nutrients you need, in the right order, at the right time rotated in optimal order throughout the month to maximize the benefit.


 Pay close attention here! Some supplements SHOULD NEVER be taken together.

Other’s negate the benefit of another taken in the wrong combination or with the wrong timing.

We’ve removed all the research and the concern and conveniently packed everything you need into a small cellophane container. Simply rip it open and take the supplements contained inside.

We’ve Done All The Complicated Work Is Done For You In Advance!

You’d think that would be the end of the story but really, it is only the beginning.

When The Government Sent Kevin Trudeau To Prison We Got Concerned … For You And Your Heath.

 Like many, when the government sent Kevin to jail, we were worried about how people would continue to get this vital nutrition on an ongoing basis.

It wasn’t easy but ultimately, we figured it out.

Getting Kevin Trudeau’s Daily Dietary Supplementation Packs back in your hands took years of confidential negotiation and struggle with the government (I wish I could tell you the whole story about that but I can’t yet) but in the end …

Dr. Ted Morter and I purchased the rights to!

 The First Thing We Heard When We Took Over Was “How Do We Get KT Daily?”

We too felt so strongly about the supplement protocol the advisory team had developed that we also purchased the rights to KT Daily so we could bring it back for you. It wasn’t easy but we finally made it all happen.

Let’s Be Honest, It’s Scary To Buy Something The Government Seized From Kevin

It took years to get through the red tape and bureaucracy. Frankly, it’s frightening to buy something from the government with their “blessing” that they seized from Kevin when they put him in jail. We want to help fulfill our father’s dream and Kevin’s dream, to benefit your health and the health of all mankind.

But Time And Supplements Were Running Out

The only people who currently have access to KT Daily are the privileged few, those who were in in Kevin’s Inner Circle, people who worked with him personally or attended his high-end events. They gladly pay $99 a month to get this protocol. By the time we were able to purchase time was running out, the supply was about to end and that’s why we insisted we be able to purchase the rights to KT Daily as well when we purchased

 It was a long, tough, risky and expensive process but we got it done.

Trust me when I say there were a lot of people that didn’t want to see this happen.

Again, that’s another story for another day … In addition to being able to bring back to you, we are now also able to bring you KT Daily!

 Get KT Daily Delivered To Your Door Again Starting Today!

Purchase a single month supply of KT daily for only $99 a month plus $9.95 shipping and handling.

 Wait, Do You Want To Save More – How About Half Off?

If you are truly committed to maximizing your health, sign up for automatic monthly resupply and you can “set it and forget it” IT WILL SAVE YOU A LOT!

If you sign up for automatic monthly resupply the price goes down dramatically !

 Yes, Please Ship Me KT Daily MONTHLY the price goes to $59.95 per month plus $9.95 shipping and handling conveniently and automatically billed to my credit card monthly.



Please Ship Me the KT Daily QUARTERLY automatic resupply and bill my credit card the astonishingly low price of $147 per quarter and give me FREE shipping and handling. This option is an unheard of value.

Nearly $150 off of retail price PLUS FREE SHIPPING AND HANDLING! That’s just $49 a month for what we believe is a revolution in supplementation and health.

To maximize the benefit of KT Daily, you need to take it, well, daily!

We believe that this is the most cost effective way for you to do that. This is less than the cost of a cup of black coffee in just about any store or restaurant in America today (and way better for you)!

 BONUS: FREE MEMBERSHIP In For As Long As You Buy KT Daily!

 And get this! As long as you’re buying the KT Daily product your membership in the new site is….. ABSOLUTELY FREE.

You heard me right, not only do you get access to one of the most powerful supplementation protocols on the planet… but you also get FREE membership to one of the greatest sources of natural health knowledge available today. We are relaunching in February with even more content and a brand new site.

We feel like this makes the product accessible to just about anyone and that‘s what Dad and Kevin wanted.

Dr. Ted and I can’t wait to get this supplementation to you.

If you have any questions at all, feel free to call us directly at 1-800-524-5954

To Your Health!

Dr. Tom Morter

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